Sleepy Bolgatty Island



Most of the tourists overlooked this pretty Island but you are visiting you must visit there also, it is worth seeing. You can easily reach there by ferry from the High Court jetty at the bottom of Banerji Road in Ernakulam (the tiny boat runs every half hour).

When you take off from the ferry, take left and walk for a short time to the Bolgatty Palace Hotel, The hotel has a nine hole golf course, a garden full of specimen trees, the oldest Dutch Palace in India, and the only marina in the country. You must enjoy the Buffet of the restaurant there which is quite delicious and spicy and typically spicy food of kerala is well worth of trying especially the fish curry that tastes so thrilling must not be missed.




If you take right after leaving the ferry you will find the tiny roads like the chess board pattern through the village. You will feel like as you have reached into other world where you can see the flash of a kingfisher, butterflies of the size of your hand and egrets daintily perching on buffalo under the shady tropical trees. You will feel like you are walking through someone’s private garden but no one mind it, infact you may get invitation by some villager for a tea if you stop somewhere and chat. On the eastern shore of the island if you will visit you will find extended families of Harijans (Untouchables) from Mysore living there Under the bridge. They earn their livelihood by fishing from from saucer-shaped woven coracles.


Vypeen and beyond


Vypeen is a long thin island laced with waterways and lakes, groves of palm trees and colourful houses and it follows the coast from Kochi northwards. Another way to enjoy the beauty of kochi is the bus ride to Cherai beach. It is the best way to engage yourself in seeing a little further beyond Kochi. If you want to enjoy it the utmost then you must visit there when there are less tourists or you can even hire a auto-rickshaw for a day and slowly travel to the less crowded Kuzhippily beach. It would be more better if you stay there for few more days and try to book rooms at the front upstairs to enjoy the sea view.




One of the tourist said,” This is the most relaxing place you can find near the city. The view from the island towards the sea is splendid. Ideal place to go for a weekend and stay there along with family or friends to have a great time. This view is just so hypnotising that one cannot stop wondering”.