If you have become bored with the same dreary routine life and want something fresh that fill your soul with rejoice then head your journey towards east from fort kochi. If you like water sports or if you are fond of water then just follow the waterfront towards the customs jetty, you will find there congested bazar roads with the buildings lining on either side of the road, you would not be able to see the waterway unless you lodged in one of the hotels lining at the river front where while staying you can enjoy the waterway view and to reach famous Mattancherry Palace (also known as the Dutch Palace) you have to walk a little further south along the road.




Keep walking and you will find the Mattancherry, the town where it is located known as ‘Jew Town’. This is not meant as a reputative term, but is the real name of the district. Over hundreds of years of trading Jewish settlers—along with their Chinese, European and African counterparts—left their mark on Kochi. You can find many antique shops there from where you can shop and those antiques briefs the past of kochi.


Easy shopping

When you will visit Fort Kochi and Mattancherry you will find lots of pretty boutiques (Fabindia, the national chain, is one of the best) and antique shops to which your auto-rickshaw driver will inevitably take you. If you are really a shopping freak then you must walk along the road side where you will see plenty of roadside vendors too with their carts stuffed with jewellery, peacock feather fans and assorted toys. While strolling leisurely by the side of fort Kochi’s scrubby beach you will see sellers selling postcards and maps printed in startling colours and a man who sells wooden painted flowers, as well as lots of boys trying to offload flutes, candyfloss and balloons.



One more best thing that you can buy from Kochi is Fabric. The best shop to buy high quality fabric you can visit Seemati or Chennai Silks on MG road in Ernakulam. Here you will find bundles of silks and cotton that also of every color and in every shade you can image to buy. Prices are also very reasonable just one tenth of the UK, so if you have really involved in textiles or really fond of such fabrics then this place is like a heaven to you. If you want to mend the fabric from kochi, you can find many best tailors here in the city. At the south end of Broadway in Ernakalum you will find one of the best tailor i.e Malabar Tailoring.