Lulu Mall : The Largest in Asia opens in Kochi



At this period of time people in Kerala are really busy in shopping with huge list of items to purchase like clothes, textiles, luxury goods, electronic items etc. as if the world is going to end and why not when they have got the heaven like place, Lulu Mall, from where they can buy anything that they wish for. Yes ! The dream and mammoth building of KOCHI, LULU, and Asia’s largest mall is the talk of town today.

The Lulu Mall is the India’s largest mall which opened in Kochi earlier this week with great opening ceremony where thousands of people thronged.



It covers approximately 2.5 million sq. ft. area and it can provide space to around 300 national and international brands and Rs. 1,600 crore has been spent to built such a paradise for shoppers.

Developed by the UAE-based LULU group and located at Edappally, at the intersection of NH-47, 17 AND THE Kochi by-pass, the mall has access to the Cochin International Airport as also the railway station.




The first McDonald’s restaurant in kerala will also open at the mall next week.

The lulu mall also has 2,000-seater Food Court. Multi-cuisine kitchens near about 22. Many delicious coffee joints along with 9 restaurants. Undoubtedly, LuLu Mall is a heaven for the gourmet lovers

Lulu has set aside 22,000 sq ft just for entertainment zones.  A 5,000 sq ft ice rink, a 5-D cinema hall, bowling alleys, water rides and games arcades offer diverse engagements.  By April, 9 cinema screens with a total capacity of 2250 seats will rock the city.

For visitors from outside Kochi, there is Marriott’s 300 –room hotel.

Designed by UK-based consultants WS Atkins, the mall has a parking facility for 3000 cars with access from all the main roads.

Cuisines international and Indian will be served up at the food court that can take 3500 people at one go.  Scattered about across the mall will be coffee shops and dine-in outlets.

In the last three years Kerala’s infrastructure is really growing with 50 new malls’ construction. As shoppers never be at rest, retail industry is flourishing vigorously, earlier people’s eye were on super markets and now they are moving towards Malls. Even though it is just the beginning for the Lulu Mall, nearly 1 lakh traffic of people has been recorded even during the working days.

The man behind to stand this extra ordinary structure of  Lulu mall is MA Yusuffali. He is Malayali and he is the same guy who is the promoter of retail powerhouse EMKE Group in Abu Dhabi.





  • Lulu Hypermarket on the ground floor having an area of 25,800 square metres (278,000 sq ft) selling fresh, frozen, canned food, fruits and vegetables, along with butchery, bakery, hot food counters etc.
  • Lulu Department Store on the First floor with 13,500 square metres (145,000 sq ft) of shop floor selling non food items like garments, footwear, luggage, white goods, cosmetics, electronic goods etc.
  • International home furnishing store of area 49,500 square metres (533,000 sq ft)
  • Gross leasable retail space over 19,800 square metres (213,000 sq ft)


Food court

  • A fine dining restaurant of 4,500 square metres (48,000 sq ft) and a coffee shop of 1,800 square metres (19,000 sq ft) are located in the second floor
  • A large Food Court to seat around 4,500 people serviced by eighteen kitchens will offer an array of exotic cuisine
  • Three fine dining restaurants with terrace dining facilities on the third floor


Leisure zone

  • An Amusement area of 7,500 square metres (81,000 sq ft) on the third floor comprising indoor thrill games, computer gaming zone and a bowling alley.
  • A nine screen multiplex managed by PVR, occupying an area of 54,000 square metres (580,000 sq ft) on the fifth floor.


Five star hotel (Marriot)

A highlight of the Lulu Complex will be a five star hotel located adjacent to the imposing shopping mall run by JW Marriot. The 420 room property will offer royal suite rooms and Executive Suites with international standard multi cuisine restaurants, swimming pool, coffee shop, spa and privilege club facilities, etc. The hotel stands at a height of 84 meters and has a Helipad.

Services that Lulu Mall prrovides are : Ambulance, Baby Room, ATM, Baggage Counter, Bank, Cab Services, Disabled friendly service, Drinking water, Escalators, Fire exit, First Aid, Information Centres, Lifts, Lost &Found, Money exchange Centre, Pharmacy, Prayer Room, Special Events information, Travel & Holidays services, WiFi.


Contact Lulu Mall

LuLu International Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd.
34/1000, N.H 47, Edapally, Kochi – 682 024, Kerala

Mall office: +91 4842727777 / 2727700
Customer service: +91 4842727776