Kochi’s remote data base administration !


Kochi, the smart city, stands ahead, now among its peers with the innovative idea and Remote DBA is the latest one. Remote DBA (Data Base Administration) stands in fact, a revolutionary idea which allows a online customer to keep data somewhere 10000 km away from one’s location. One has freedom to retrieve it anytime, get it modified, updated, refreshed and lot more with a meager expense which is too less in today’s financially down strayed world. In other words, with pay of 1 staff of office, you can get a work equivalent to 10 staffs done and all at your behest.


1. Database Health Management
2. Database disaster recovery planning
3. Administration of all jobs and scheduled tasks
4. Proactive data storage administration
5. 24*7*365 data base monitoring
6. Performance analysis as per latest updates.