Kochi is about spices and fish



When it comes to spices then there is no argument, Kerala is the Best. Spices of kerala are world famous. You will find the best spicy food of India only in Kerala. Port city of kochi is famous for fishing trade also, so if you are going to have a meal and if you see fish in the menu just order it without wasting anytime. Another great local dish that you can try is ‘red’ rice which is fatter and fluffier than its northern counterpart and really delicious and not to be missed meal.




Fruits that you can enjoy there are yellow,orange, green and red bananas, from sweet finger-sized varieties to bitter plantains as big as a cucumber and for mangoes April season is the best. You can even buy Pineapple from a roadside cart.

Fish curry is the speciality of the place, and meen moilee just about sums up Keralan food: seerfish stakes from the ocean, cooked in coconut milk, green chillies, and curry leaves. Karimeen, a speckled fat fish caught in the backwaters, is a huge delicacy and utterly delicious too. In Kochi you will find addition of Coconut at some point in the cooking process of every meal.

Koschi’s spices and fish dishes are unique and has their own flavour. You must try it atleast once I am sure you wount be able to resist when its fragrance and aroma hypnotise you to taste.