Journey to Thrissur & Ernakulam



If you really want a break from the hustle tourist places and want to know the real kochi and its culture then ready yourself, tight your boots and get on a ferry to Ernakalum’s main jetty. Ernakalum is an energetic city and it is a commercial hub of kerala you can say. The literacy rate of this place is 93%, it is the highest in india. You can see the place filled with crowd. All the narrow lanes of the city’s market area are the best place where youcan interact with the locals and can know more about the Place.

You can even walk along Park Avenue after leaving the ferry you can find it after moving ahead towards north. At a dogleg in the road by the wedding cake Immanuel Church, walk straight ahead to Broadway, where the fun begins. When you will take off from the ferry just be carefull from the money exchanger who are there to catch unsuspecting tourists, ignore them and straight walk towards the narrow lanes of honeycomb.

Ernakulam’s market area and next to this market you will find fruit and veg sellers crowd the pavement along Kuttapayi Road in front of the canal. Feel free to roam in this market as there are no touts, and you won’t be bothered to buy any product like a carpet or ‘antique’. In this market there are many great little shops also that sells copperware, Indian sweets, religious paraphernalia and all kinds of knick knacks. You will find the people of the place very friendly who will come to you to communicate not for any sake but to welcome you to kerala and talk to a foreigner, especially an English speaker. Through the market area all the streets like Jew Street, Muslim Street and Convent Road have joined together and which illustrate the easy religious tolerance which characterises this enlightened state.




Journey to Thrissur

A short journey from Kochi to Thrissur is worthwhile to see the Kerala’s elephant temple festival which has gained a worldwide fame and it’s a place greatly loved by all the photographers. At the time of celebrating Pooram in April/May Thrissur becomes the Hot spot for every one tourists as well as locals especially. People flock there in large number, it is definitely not a time for faint hearted people to visit- it requires stamina to feel comfortable in sweaty crowds of excitable worshippers, sunblock to strive in such a huge gathering.




If you are staying in Kochi then it would be really an amazing and interesting journey to Thrissur at any time of the year. While roaming in Thrissur you will deeply understand the pleasant town life of keralan and you will find the place is not too busy, dusty or crowded, and small enough to walk round in a day.

If you are visiting to India your journey cannot be completed without a train journey. Take a train from Ernakulam Junction for Thrissur which merely cost around 28 INR for a one-way ticket and it will take around one and half hours to reach Thrissur’s graceful Archaeological Museum which is located at the hill top amid landscaped gardens. You must try various roadside food and drink there, these are quite tempting and pleasing.




On asking a tourist about his experience of Thrissur he exclaimed,” The place is so amazing and beautifull, full of greenery, It is really peacefull, it is the best place to re-energies your soul when you get dull and bored from the hectic city life “.

The other tourist remarked,”The people of the place is so friendly and the Kerala’s elephant temple festival is worth to see, It was really an interesting journey for me to visit Thrissur and Ernakulum. Everyone should visit this place to know the real culture of Kerala and authentic food of the place is so tatsy and that also at so cheap rate, The place is good for shopping also. Simply by walking through the streets you can purchase traditional items at reasonable rate”.