Indira Gandhi Boat Race



Center of Activity: Kochi Backwaters

Time of Celebration: Last week of December

Main Attraction: Boat race

It is a very colorfull water sport. Indira Gandhi Boat Race is not merely a water sport but a colorfull festival also you can call it. This festival held every year at the last week of December in Kochi. It is organised in the backwaters of the Kochi city of Kerala with full enthusiasm where a large number of people participate and rejoice. Infact, This festival and tradition of boat racing is not only limited to kochi. People from all over the Kerala comes there and participate and enjoy and many boat race competitions like the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, Payippad Jalotsavam and Kumarakom Boat Race are held here.


People show so much lively interest in these boat races. You can even feel the energy of the crowd and during the race the place is completely packed with locals, Tourists and media crew who travel from all over the country and come here to view race. Boats that are mainly used in the race competition are stream lined in shape to make them run faster. But the boat that used in the Indira Gandhi Boat Race are called the Vallam Kali. The term Vallam Kali or Vallamkali literally means ‘Boat Game’ in Malayalam. It is not merely a festival that celebrate to carry on the Tradition but the other motive of holding the boat race is to boost tourism in the state of Kerala.

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The trophy and the name of the Race is effected in the memory of Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India. You can say a Tribute That every year kerala gives the Late Prime Minister of India. Hundreds of people participate in the race competition and all of them play very supportive and this makes the race very unique. Every participant follow the game rule very strictly and around 150 oarsemen participate in it and each and every one represent a different village. Food is also provided to every participator free of cost even during the pr

actise session and on festival day and feeding them is the responsibility of the villagers and of the sponsors who always assured to bear the entire expenses. This festival is celebrated on a large scale so people started the preparations for the Indira Gandhi Boat Race several weeks in advance.


Sardine oil is rubbed over the whole snake boat for a smooth passage through the water. Usually, a snake boat is manned by four helmsmen, 25 singers and 100 to 125 oarsmen, who row in unison to the fast rhythm of the Vanchipattu or the song of the boatman. Thousands of people who come come their to see the race stand along the waters and cheers the participants of the boat race. Every bo

at race that takes place in kerala has a great history behind. Every celebration in kerala is somehow related to the tradion also. That is why every celebration and festival of a state is celebrated by every age group with full enthusiasm and everybody participate with full joy. If you are visiting Kochi for any celebration we assist you to know the history and base of that celebration also so that you could enjoy it more. You must Visit Kochi in December at this time to enjot this Indira Gandhi Boat Race at the last week of December. Besides Boat Race kochi festival also people celebrate at this week. You can see details of that festival in our other article section.



One of the tourist exclaimed when asked about the boat race festival,” This festival is amazing, we have enjoyed a lot, people are so amazing here and very supportive, we have enjoyed the race to the fullest. Nothis is more better than this to celebrate your new year eve. This is the best time to Visit Kochi and to enjoy water sport