Fort Kochi- Tourist destination



Location: Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

Scene:  Peacefull & Relaxed surrounding  with clean sandy atmosphere.

How You can Reach: There are many convenient ways to reach this destination of Fort Kochi. You can go there  by these three means  road, rail or air. From there, you can visit to the Fort Kochi beach which  is situated near by at a walking distance. To make the desination journey more interesting  You can also take a boat or a jetty from the Boat Jetty.

If you have a desire to spend your this holiday in the most peacefull place, if you want to stroll in a free atmosphere  and relaxed manner, then there is  no  other place in the whole of kochi will provide you a more ideal location than the Fort Kochi beach.


Lied closely  among  those beautifull  coconut tress, green bushes and softly lashing seawaters, which makes the fort Kochi and Fort Kochi beach the most happening  and favourite for one and all.Not only locals love to visit there, but also the tourists basking up the tranquil atmosphere at the beach. Different from most of the beaches, the topography of the Fort Kochi beach is quite rocky.

Fort Kochi Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. It is the best  picnic spot for people, who come here either alone or in groups. If you have become too bored with the hustle and bustle of the city life, then this beach is the ideal getaway for you. You can find many  cozy little restaurants and eating joints exactly next to  the Fort Kochi beach which  provide the perfect food  option to those who want to grab a quick bite. The beach is also quite famous for its extraordinary fishing nets.



When our team  asked few tourists about their experience of fort Kochi, they said,  “This is the only good place in Kochi town,good atmosphere for watching evening sunset between Chinese fishing net.Good food joint around the island small shoppes for shopping,nice and decent home all over the island.The beach side is very crowded though crowds are all over India. It’s good for a evening walk and dinner in some good restaurant near by”.

One of the tourist said “We loved Fort Cochin so much that on our second visit we changed our hotel to The Killian’s in Fort Cochin. So much history, to see and do”.