When you visit Kochi you must enjoy ferry. Kochi is a collection of Island and it is surrounded by water and with all this water, kochi has has made it the route of travel which is quite enjoyable. Kochi has put in place an excellent ferry system that runs between its districts. Ferries are really cheap and reliable. You can enjoy the ride and you will be in good company as you stand among the auto-rickshaws on the 4 rupee car ferry to Vypeen Island, or squash together in the separate male and female compartments on the people carrier that runs parallel to it. It can be really fun and adventurous as you move together with different-different kind of people and with curious crowd.



Ernakulam (Main Jetty) to Willingdon Island / Fort Kochi
about 20 minutes.

30 services per day  to Fort kochi; the first boat leaves at Morning 6 AM and the last one at 9.00 PM  hrs .


Ernakulam (Main Jetty) – Vypeen

about 30 minutes
Ernakulam Vypeen boat service has two routes;

1. Via Willingdon Island (Embarkation Jetty) which will take to reach Vypeen

2. Direct service to Vypeen (Government Jetty) which is about 15 minutes.

( 7 AM  –   9.30 PM. ) Available in every 30 minutes


Ernakulam (Main Jetty) – Mattancherry

20 minutes.

Ernakulam-Mattancherry ferry service starts at 6am and upto 9.10pm


Ernakulam (Main Jetty) – Varapuzha
1 hour journey

Daily 6 services

Starting at 7.40am until 6.45pm


High Court Jetty – Bolghatty Island
10 minutes.


Fort Cochin – Vypeen
Fort Cochin (Government port ) to Vypeen (Government port ). The service starts at 6.30am until 9pm.

Service is available in every 10 minutes and the journey will takes around 10 minutes.