Drinking dilemma- Enchanting Coffee


Kerala just can’t divert its mind from the Alcohol. Even though after shutting and closing its Bars away from the public view and cutting the numbers of liquor Licenses, it has the highest level of alcohol consuming rate. There are few liquor stores in Kochi but you can see the queue over there most Kochiites buy their booze from these stores. You can see them buying small, plastic bottles of cheap Indian rum every afternoon in large numbers. A 650ml bottle of Kingfisher beer will set you back 50 INR, and a bottle of Indian wine (Sula is one of the best) will be around 600 INR.


In kochi you will find many Hotels also which provide the bar service also with high 5 star prices to match the décor. You can get one bottle of Kingfisher at 200INR.




If you are living as a guest at someone’s home then show some manners and politely ask your host if it is fine with them to leave your beer in their fridge. Many hosts will allow you to do, but some do not approve of alcohol.

The tourist restaurants at the Fort Kochi might also convince you to take under-the-table beer, but you must go to Ernakulum to experience the real local bars. The Best bar in town is the Bar Oberoi on MG Road you can visit straight to that or you can even find others by looking white on black diamond sign over blacked-out windows. But Oberoi Bar would be better for you as it is not as dark and shabby as other local bars, it is much classy and cleaner. If you are a foreigner than you will be the only Non-Indian there and if you’re a women then definitely the only one. Along with alcohol you can even enjoy food there.

Enchanting Coffee

India is mostly famous for its tea, whereas the Malabar coast is world famous for its coffee. Mostly Indians are fond of tea but not coffee this might be the reason you would not find it in any restaurants because they prefer to export this Western Ghat grown variety around the world to those who really appreciate it. If you really want these coffee beans, you can find it in Ernakulum. Just reach to the Leela Coffee. Here are the directions.




Reach Ernakulam and take a boat jetty, turn right onto Park Avenue, then left onto Durbar Hall Road. Cross MG Road and keep walking until you hit Chittoor Road. From here you move to the Ernakulam South bus junction. Walk slowly on the left side of the road. close to the Kerala Book House you will find a single storey shop Somewhere before Valanjambalam bus Junction. Just keep you nose open you will smell the thick, chocolaty scent of delicious roasted coffee before you actually reach there. You will see a large wooden counter inside a dark cave-like shop and behind it, taking up all the rest of the room, looms an enormous coffee grinder. Depends on your preference either you can purchase the beans or have them ground to a fine powder. Vacuum packed bags are 240 INR . This coffee tastes so good that you won’t be able to decide how many bags would be enough. You will be tempted for more and more.


Leela coffee, Chittoor road,

Valanjambalam District Tel: 0484 2375706

You must visit Leela coffee if you really love coffee. The product quality that you will get there you wount get the same anywhere in the entire India. The aroma and flavour is quite distinct. It’s flavour will definitely hypnotise you and fascinate you. Take a sip and experience it then only you will realise what I am talking about. This coffee is really magical and if you are visiting Kochi then having sip of Leele coffee’s coffee is must. You should not let this opportunity to taste the best coffee go .