Delicious veg Thali of kochi



When you will visit Kochi you will find plenty of Restaurants to cater the food to tourists in the chi-chi streets of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, some are really expensive and some are good at reasonable rate with good quality of food. Yes, It would be really great fun to catch a fish from the chinese nets and to have it cooked in front of you but if you really want to enjoy the best local authentic food then go to Ernakulam. You will find the best food there that also at the local rate.

When you have wandered and searched all the market then simply stroll towards the north and take a right turn and you will reach onto banerji road where you will find The Hotel Saravana Bhavan just walk into it, it is the best place to enjoy the vegetable thali in the whole of Kochi. It is called as a hotel but actually it is just a restaurant that serves only food. When you will visit the restaurant you will observe there are two sections A/C and non A/C completely jam packed with customers. The non A/c section is mostly always packed with local workers as Hotel Saravana Bhavan provides meal in less than £1 on an ela (Malayalam for banana leaf) and keep re-filling it until you burst and on the other A/C section for Posh people who like a bit of space, and cutlery.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Banerji Road,

Ernakulam Bazaar, Near Sritha Theatre,

Kochi, Kerala 682031, India +91 484 237 0153


When asked for his review one of the visitor in Saravana Bhavan remarked,”I have tried out many restaurants – Veg and Non-Veg, but Saravan Bhavan has been the best. It is not one of the bloated highly marketed restaurant, but owes its name exclusively due to the quality”. He further added, “Hotel Saravana Bhavan is excellent place and very good if u r going with budget. Here all the verity of food they provide is really yummy and tasty.we cant able to tell any minus point for that restaurant”.

When asked to other tourist who was present there he exclaimed,” The food is so delicious that one cannot resist himself from tase it and it really shows the culture of kerala, this food actually represents authenticity of kochi and the best part is if you see people from every class can have food here, right from the high class to the low class, the restaurant is divided into sections for that but the quality of food in every section is same and food is so cheap also”.