Carnival of Kochi


Center of Activity: Fort Kochi

Time of Celebration: December

Main Attraction: A massive ceremonial parade of elephants, games and partying.

Carnival of Kochi is the one festival that celebrates with such a huge enthusiasm and you can even feel the energy of everybody presents there. People of kochi awaits this festival every year impatiently. This kochi carnival celebrates at every year at the end of december, In last week of december kochi completely drowns in the colours of Kochi carnival.

You can see the Fort Kochi at that time decked up like a bride and tourists who have come there not only from kerala or with in the country but from all over the world flock to the place to enjoy and participate in the carnival. This tradition of celebrating Kochi carnival can be traced from the colonial days when Portuguese ruled the place and celebrate the New year in a scintillating way. With the flow of time the new year celebration evolved and take the form of what we see today and popularly called The Kochi carnival.



To celebrate the carnival with lively interest usually the preparations for the carnival begin months in advance as the people celebrate the carnival on the large scale  and there are many unique games, fairs and large gathering takes place during the carnical of Kochi.


In carnival people dressed up in fancy dresses especially children, which brings a different energy and enthusiasm into everyone. The massive procession on the New Year’s Day is the highlight of the carnival which is mostly lead by a decorated elephant that walks in front with some drums and music behind, this sound of music creates such a great impact on everyone to involve in the parade with a free mind. It is a moment that you can not forget  life time.

Many different forms of dance also perform in the carnival. Groups perform different South and North Indian folk dances during the festivity



During The Kochi carnival all the 10 days color white rule the City. Color white is the main color of the carnival and if you see the Kochi at that time you will find this color everywhere. All establishments in the City is completely put on  with white paper flags. During the carnival period streets of the city entertains the important competitions and multi-faceted celebrations like

Kalam Vara (floor drawing), tug-of-war, bicycle race, swimming in the sea, beach volleyball etc.  during the Kochi Carnival these are some of the programs that take place during the Kochi Carnival at Fort Kochi. Celebration of the carnival and festivities goes on the entire week till midnight of December 31st and to give the conclusion to the grand finale it ends with fireworks

In the Sky.