What All you can wear when visiting Kochi


India is country where most of the population is conservative. Here in this article you will find a way of dressing or dress code that will make you feel comfortable while visiting Kochi. In our country mostly tourists are advised to follow certain dress code as per the region they are visiting. There are basically two reasons behind that why all the tourists are recommended to be careful. The main cause behind following such a dress code is to prevent you from offending the sentiments of the folk of that particular region and the second reason is to make you comfortable while roaming in the city in any weather condition prevailing in different states. But at some places in India also you can take liberty while deciding your travel wear. When you visit places like high-end discos and five-star hotels in the metros where you are free to wear what you like and this same rule applies to tourists visiting the Kochi city of Kerala too.


Kochi City is situated at the sea level and this makes the city’s temperature and humidity in the city quite high there. Thus, the clothes made up of light cotton would be perfect for tourist visiting the city. They can move around the city in cotton clothes very comfortably. Saving yourself from getting wet during monsoon is also very necessary and essential.

Some Other essential items that i would advise you to add into your travel kit are hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc. But there is one place where you must pay your extra attention while visiting and need to be more cautious about the kind of clothes you are wearing i.e temples.




If you are a foreign tourist and visiting India or an Indian and visiting Kochi you will surely like to visit traditional temples there and would like to find out the real old culture of the city. There are few points that you must considered while visiting the temples in Kochi. For instance, bringing footwear inside the temple and entering the sanctum sanctorum is banned in Kochi like all other temples of India

The customs and codes related to personal conduct and the clothes to wear in temples across Kerala, however, vary from one city to another and this is something that you must follow. Always remember that the travel dress code has to be maintained even if you are roaming idly or just lazing around at any of the beaches in Kochi.

Hope These guidelines will help you more in packing a bag and in exploring the Kochi city with ease.