Biennale and the peak tourist season in kochi, kerala!



The peak tourist season in Kochi, in particular and Kerala, god’s own country, in general, is gradually shifting from November-January to December-March, with foreign tourists preferring the first few months of the year.

Hotels, home stays, travel agents and other tourism stakeholders are elated at the extended tourist season.  Even the statistics of tourists arrival of the past two years, indicates that there is gradual shift in the peak tourist season.  Domestic tourists prefer to come during November-December, while foreigners are showing a marked preference for JanuaryMarch.


 THE FORT KOCHI-The biggest tourist’s Destination



The KOCHI FORT, remains the top among 5 funny and sensational tourist places in Kochi.  Medium range hotel s and home stays in FortKochi are among the biggest gainers because of the increase in tourists arrivals, despite the economic slump in Europe.

There was good inflow of tourists, es

pecially in December when the biennale began and Fort Kochi was rocking.  The biennale focused people’s attention on Fort Kochi.  The visitors included many hi-end tourists and writers, from within India and outside. It is one among “The must see in kochi”.

In fact, many tourists extended their stay because of the event. It also allowed them to peep into History and historical places of Kochi. There was unprecedented inflow of teachers and others from the field of art and literature.  The event also benefited auto drivers and vendors running wayside eateries.

Restaurants also offers competitive rat

e during these months and try to woo tourists with different promo offers.  The malls like LULU and OBERON, NUCLEAR etc entices domestic tourists as well as foreigners.  Shops inside like Samsung stores, reliance store etc come out with offers in varieties. Altogether it was great time for Kochi tourism which increasingly becoming the biggest eye catcher.





Nearest railway station: Ernakulam, about 1½ km from the main boat jetty
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 30 km from Ernakulam


Lattitude:9.964793, Longitude: 76.242943